Friday, December 4, 2009

to bibi's

nk comment kt ur page cant la..
huhuhuhu...spontant jek write kt c2..
x lepas plak =p

dis is only 4 u :

pour my baby..huhuhu..take care bout urself k..
i noe u cam degil2 sket punye org =p
tp think 4 ur future k..i pun act dh rase in ur situation..
but different sket tulang pinggul retak sket..
if i got injured again..u noe la ape yg jadi..

1st potential: i ble dpt anak sorg then become paralytic(nauzubillah..huhu)
2nd potential : i xle ade anak langsung la if i want 2 be a normal

but..till now i x taw pun bout my happen when i was in form 3..
nk checkup cam xde mase n x taw nk say ape kt doc..huhu
promise me k....take a very2 care of urself....
1 more..if u want me to teman2 u to PPUM bole je..
just call on me k =)

1 comment:

  1. hehe..xtau lg la cmne sbnrnye..kna gi check dulu.nnt kite cntct2 ye..btw,thanx so much for ur concern...;)